How do I contact someone if I have a question?

You may send an email to courseevals@kennesaw.edu, or call Academic Affairs at 470-578-6023.



How are students notified to complete their evaluations?

Emails are generated to students from the course evaluation system when evaluations open and a reminder is sent before they close.  In addition, the students see the login and reminder every time they log into their D2L.  We also depend on faculty to remind their students. 

I didn’t get a chance to complete my evaluation, now what?

Course evaluations expire on the last day of classes for the term, and that does not include the final exam period.  Unfortunately, we are unable to re-open the evaluations after they close.

What if my course evaluations are not in my D2L?

Please contact courseevals@kennesaw.edu and explain the issue.



Can I access my evaluations from Digital Measures?

As previously announced, Digital Measures is no longer supporting the end of course student evaluation platform called “Course Response.”   Effective July 1, 2018, KSU moved to a new product called “Explorance Blue.”  

Course evaluations prior to June 30, 2018 were conducted in Course Response. If you did not download and save prior course evaluation summaries before the Course Response system was decommissioned, please search your email for “Your Course Evaluation Results.” If you still have access to those emails, your evaluations should be attached as a PDF.

Details about accessing and using “Explorance Blue” to access historical course evaluations prior to June 30, 2018 will be forthcoming. 

Can I download my evaluations to a CSV file?

The csv files are included in the individual instructor reports, but there’s a bug in our current version that produces an error; if you try to download the csv directly from the report. The workaround for now is to login to Blue and download the csv from the my home screen. The csv option appears next to pdf and to the right of the report name, under reports, once you are logged into Blue.

How are faculty notified about evaluation periods?

The schedule for course evaluations is available on the CourseEvals website at https://courseevals.kennesaw.edu/schedule.php.  Emails are also generated to faculty from the course evaluation system when the evaluations open to students.

How are faculty notified when evaluation reports are accessible?

The schedule for course evaluations is available on the CourseEvals website at https://courseevals.kennesaw.edu/schedule.php. Emails are also generated to faculty from the course evaluation system when the reports are ready to be accessed.

Why do I not have access to the Response Rate Tab?

System administrators are currently the only ones having access to the Response Rate dashboard in our new evaluation system. Instructors should go to the “Home” tab and see all their “Response Rate” tasks there. 

What does it mean when I see “Threshold not met”?

In order to receive a report for your class at least one student must complete the evaluation for that class.  Therefore, if one student responds, it should generate a report.  If no students respond, there should be no report.

I received the email stating that my reports are now available, but it appears they are showing as “Expired”.

When you log in to the website your actual course evaluations are in the task section which expired when the window closed for students to complete them. Below the task section is the reports section. You may need to scroll down to find them.

Where can I find the mean scores for our department or college?

The decision to remove this option is based on the literature on course evaluations, which recommends against this practice for several reasons:

  • Course evaluation instruments are not designed for comparing faculty to one another (Franklin, 2001); rather, their purpose is to gather student perceptions of a single faculty member teaching a single course. Comparing faculty leads to incorrect inferences and misunderstanding of the data.
  • Although the research on student bias in course evaluations is mixed, ratings for instructors who are members of minority groups within their disciplines may be negatively impacted by factors unrelated to their teaching effectiveness, leading to ratings that fall below the department or college mean but don’t reflect their actual teaching (Linse, 2017).
  • Departments full of excellent teachers will have an artificially high mean score, which will cause some very good teachers to fall below the statistical mean for that department (Arreola, 2007).


Where can I go to receive help on raising my response rates or interpreting my course evaluation data?

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) provides consultations and workshops on these topics. Please see https://facultydevelopment.kennesaw.edu/scholarly-teaching/basics/gathering_student_feedback.php for more information.